Friday, July 30, 2010

Farmer's Market Love

I love Farmer's Markets.  Like almost to the point of obsession.
If I could, I would spend all my time between farmers markets and bookstores

So when we went to Birmingham this past weekend, I dragged my husband downtown to Pepper Place

First I got lost, then I found Pepper Place.  Totally worth it though

There is just something about Farmer's Markets that just draw me in.

Hard working people selling the fruits (sometimes literally) of their labor

People excited about their unique purchases

my mind (and photographer's eye) is just overwhelmed by all the pictures I see

expect that Andrew (hubby) told me to stop taking pictures at the market
because my battery was going low

I'm entering the above picture into Yellow House Challenge theme "Urban"
there is just something that gets me with the mountain man looking guy showing off his adorably cute baby

and he wanted to make sure I had enough juice to get pictures of Leah playing putt-putt

I did, and they are cute!

but lucky for you ... there is also a Farmer's market every Thursday at my work!

but sadly I only have a few pictures to share

because I meant to leave work early, but I forgot

and I had to catch the shuttle so that I got home in time for Andrew to not be late

seriously I love Farmer's Markets

Happy Friday
go out and find a Farmer's Market this weekend!

Look what I just found!  Really!  I wrote this post, then found this challenge ... probably won't get to link up though b/c we don't have internet at home right now ... anyone want to link my post up for me?  :-)

Parking Lot Sky

I love clouds and as I stepped off the shuttle bus I just had to take this shot!  Linked up with Sky Watch Friday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Audrey face

I started thinking about why I started playing in black and white Wednesday ... with the intent to one day start a wall of pictures featuring all black and white photos. So, today, I'm posting one picture, a picture that one day I will hang on our wall!

My sweet baby -- Audrey

the long road

Photo Votes

The following is taken from the Photo Challenge website.  It is a site that hosts a bi-monthly challenge of 20 pictures.  It is super fun, and a new one is starting in August!

but until then, you can vote for your favorite picture in the categories from June.  Head that way, and vote if you want!  I've starred the categories where my pictures made the top list!

Have you voted for all of your favorites in the June 2010 Photo Hunt?? Here is the Index of where you can find all 20 categories!  Feel free to copy and paste this to your own blogs to encourage others to look at all the wonderful, creative photos!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love taking pictures to enter into a theme!  It really helps with inspirational thoughts and new views.  And there are a ton of challenges, so I like to put them all into one post ... so here ya go:

BWS tips button

Fall Creek Falls, TN

Leah in her flower girl dress

The Paper Mama
Leah on the Slip n Slide
(yes, I am in love with these pictures)

Black and White

Audrey standing up by herself
where has the time gone ...

So, I'm also reformatting my blog and in this process, I'd like to add a challenge page ... so if you're hiding out there with a challenge I haven't found yet ... let me know, I'll play along and add your link!

Before and After

My friend just introduced me to Photoscape, and I used it to make a picture for my Sister - in - Law!

Here is my before and after --



I used an Antique photo overlay, the reflection tool and then faded it into a lavender color.  It was fun!

Check out Pixel Perfect for more inspiring Before/After edits!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know I usually share pictures of my adorably cute babies, but today I'd like to share something different.  I've been trying to expand my picture taking skills, so today I'd like to share some black and white landscapes!

I think this one may be my favorite!

Check out more wonderful shots here --
the long road

Monday, July 19, 2010


the past comes often
a look, a smell, a sight, a breeze
a song, a thought, a picture, a face

the past comes back from
5 seconds ago, 5 minutes ago, 5 days ago
5 years ago

the past re-appears
happy, sad, frustrating, exciting
embarrassing, glad, furious, love

the past

it will come back again

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Look at Auburn

Unknown Mami
or rather the city of my college years

Today, I'd like to show you all around Auburn, Alabama ... where I spent 4.5 wonderful years ... where I met my husband ... home of the Auburn Tigers, and known as 'The loveliest Village on the Plains'

"The Deserted Village"

1 Sweet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain, 

2 Where health and plenty cheer'd the labouring swain,
3 Where smiling spring its earliest visit paid,
4 And parting summer's lingering blooms delay'd:[...]
-Oliver Goldsmith

I love walking around downtown Auburn.  It has the charm of a small town that comes alive on a quiet summer Saturday.  Summer is the best time to explore a college town!

Cheeburger Cheeburger ... they serve their kids burgers in paper Cadillacs and have Trivial Pursuit cards on the table to play while you are waiting 

Here you will find arguably the best cup of hand squeezed lemonade ... also possibly the most expensive ;-)

Here are some 'charm' pictures I found on the streets of downtown

The marque bell tower on campus.  I would love to walk all over the town and take pictures, but my battery died ... which was probably a good thing considering we had a wedding to go to that evening.  Perhaps one day because this town is truly beautiful and charming

Orange and blue flowers in front of Samford Hall

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Meet Marissa --
She came over to play with us this last Saturday and again on Monday.  and when I say play ... I really mean we watched her while her mom worked...10 hours on Saturday, 8 on Monday.  She's a spunky 4 almost 5 year old with an attitude.

Leah and Marissa played ...
and played ...
and played ...
and Audrey chewed ...
and I broke up fights ... tried to teach little girls how to share ... hid toys to end arguments ... explained to Marissa that Leah was younger b/c she was younger ... and accidentally took a 10 minute nap on the bed during quiet time.

We had fun ... ummm ... they had fun ... I did too ... I think ... I'm still tired from this weekend.

And guess what!  She's probably coming back in two weekends
I'm tired already thinking about it ...

For more black and white pictures visit Lisa at The Long Road to China
the long road