Thursday, November 18, 2010

Come Move with Me!

Missing me and my pictures?
I'm now thinkin' in pictures over at
the Colour 4

I hope you come over and join me! (and feel free to un-friend here too ... no offense taken)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Surprise = I'm moving ...

No, not physically moving ... already done that once this year and I'm cool with that, lol.

Moving ... as in I'm moving in the internet blog world

It’s like when you have two kids and people jokingly ask; “Which one do you love more?”

Or one of the kids asks … then it’s not quite as jokingly … and you have to answer ‘You of course’ even if it’s not true at that moment.

I have two blogs.

One for writing.  One for pictures. 

I feel like I have a split personality … so in order to avoid the which do you love most question … and to piece myself back together … I took my favorite parts of both blogs and combined them into one brand new part-of-me blog!

Don’t you wish you could do that with your kids sometimes?

So … what are you still doing here?

Come visit me at my new home:

It's still under construction a bit, but I would really really really love for you to come join me here too!!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hunting some Pictures!

Sunday Scavenger Hunt ... on Monday night

close enough ...

1. Side Lighting
Side Light
Am I the only one who takes pictures of random stuff around the house?  This is Audrey's walker ... and it happened to be sitting in the sun ... and I happened to have my camera nearby ... and here's a picture of a walker lit by sunlight coming in through the nearby window!

2. Jack O'Lantern
My mom bought this Jack O'Lantern for us ... and when it's not Halloween you just turn it around to the other side and it's a decorative circle thingie ...

3. Faces formed in Nature
Flower Faces
Ok, so I cheated.  You can't tell me you never have ...


Well, when I saw this on the October photo hunt I was like, well at least I have a month to figure this out ... and then Ashley chose to feature this theme here ... so I cheated.  I'll figure it out later (i've been busy, lol)

4. Sunset
So, not my favorite sunset ever, but I took it this past week, and I'm totally into the silhouette pictures.

5. Warm
Warm PJs
What is warmer than flannel Princess PJ's on a fall morning?  Oh, and they are pink!  even better :-)

So ... I have a big announcement coming up super soon ... I hope you come back to check it out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Perfection

This past weekend, I came outside to a mess ... a glorious fun mess.  Leah was soaked to her bones and Andrew was chasing her around with the water hose.  Quickly I grabbed my camera, to take pictures ... and also to have an excuse not to get sprayed by water!
Here's a favorite of Andrew spraying water.  The sky was a bit overcast on that day, so I took a moment to warm up the picture.



The picture was taken with my Kodak Z915, and I used to edit.  My recent favorite effect is the tint (faded to ~80%)

Andrew and Water

These are the moments I never want to forget.  The fun that comes from being soaked while watering plants seems to rival fun sought after on expensive vacations.

Leah running

weekend collage

This is perfection is the smallest way.  Spontaneity that I wish I had, but at least I have a camera to capture it all.


What have you noticed about the little things recently?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Wednesday


the long road

I hope your Wednesday brings you much happiness and joy!

Couple a pics

Today at the Trendy Treehouse is Shutter Love Tuesdays

The theme is Babies.  I was inspired to look in my archives; so here's a pic of Leah holding a week old Audrey...

Leah and Audrey

Faith at Simplicity 

Theme is Light

Light over the playground

I'm new to this one too!
The theme is Vivid Color
I chose my flowers my Dad and I bought at the Farmer's Market this last weekend.

Vivid Color

Hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures! I'm working on remembering to watermark them ... which is why each one looks different, lol!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday my Dad and I participated in the Race for a Cure downtown Birmingham ... with about 16,000 other people (no joke).  I have a-gazillion pink pictures from yesterday, but my favorite has to be the fountain dyed pink!

I love Leah's collection of books!  We always read one before bed, and last night bedtime fell during the Auburn game.  She picked on the of the longer books, so instead of reading the words on the page I made up my own words and we were done in super time, lol.

Fall Colors
Fall Colors
Ok ... I know I took the cop-out with this theme, but I love the way this picture turned out.

a Leaf
Wait ... don't eat that leaf ... or let mommy take a picture of it first!

Did you hear that the Auburn Tigers are 6-0?  WAR EAGLE!  in other news ... Alabama is 5-1 :-D

Join Ashley every Sunday for her scavenger hunt!

oh, and if you want to try something new today ... don't forget about 10 on 10 ... take one picture every hour for 10 hours on the 10 of every month!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WW: Timeless

To me; black and white conversions just have this way of making the photo seem timeless.
and now I'm going wordless





the long road

Monday, September 27, 2010

Aunt Lucinda Pics

Last Thursday, my Great-Aunt Lucinda passed away.  Yesterday was her funeral.  It was beautiful and sad and fun all at the same time.  I am so glad my mom didn't care if I took pictures, because I think I would have been lost without my camera.  Here are some of my favorites:

Aunt Lucinda

Pall Bearers


The flowers that the pall bearers were wearing.

War Eagle
Aunt Lucinda was a huge Auburn fan. I wish we had a shaker or two, but my sister did have her ticket from yesterday's win.




The whole extended family

If you would like to read more about my Great Aunt and what she meant to me -- click here

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where is my camera cord?

Oh my gosh guys I am so sorry!  I have totally let you all down!  I have some absolutely wonderful pictures on my camera (ok I think they are wonderful, lol), but ... I can't get them onto my computer!

Oh yeah ... did I mention that we moved this last weekend?  And then the day after we moved I started my new job?  Oh, and the worst thing yet ... I discovered that Blogger is BLOCKED at my new job!!!!!!!

I'm going through picture with-drawls y'all ... so here are some old pictures ... just because I can't post on my picture blog without them!!!!

These are some of my early attempts at photography from a visit to Calaway Gardens is Georgia.  I am so excited that our Thanksgiving will be there this year ... and know that I know so much more about photography I am so ready to take pictures there!

So here you go ... completely 'un-educated' and un-edited pictures (and they are smaller because I don't feel like re-sizing them ... sorry guys):