Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Couple a pics

Today at the Trendy Treehouse is Shutter Love Tuesdays

The theme is Babies.  I was inspired to look in my archives; so here's a pic of Leah holding a week old Audrey...

Leah and Audrey

Faith at Simplicity 

Theme is Light

Light over the playground

I'm new to this one too!
The theme is Vivid Color
I chose my flowers my Dad and I bought at the Farmer's Market this last weekend.

Vivid Color

Hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures! I'm working on remembering to watermark them ... which is why each one looks different, lol!


Anonymous said...

Those flowers are gorgeous. That 1st photo is so sweet

Tara said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful flowers!

Teresa said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love that first one!

Faith said...

so cute!! thanks so much for linking up :)