Monday, October 18, 2010

Hunting some Pictures!

Sunday Scavenger Hunt ... on Monday night

close enough ...

1. Side Lighting
Side Light
Am I the only one who takes pictures of random stuff around the house?  This is Audrey's walker ... and it happened to be sitting in the sun ... and I happened to have my camera nearby ... and here's a picture of a walker lit by sunlight coming in through the nearby window!

2. Jack O'Lantern
My mom bought this Jack O'Lantern for us ... and when it's not Halloween you just turn it around to the other side and it's a decorative circle thingie ...

3. Faces formed in Nature
Flower Faces
Ok, so I cheated.  You can't tell me you never have ...


Well, when I saw this on the October photo hunt I was like, well at least I have a month to figure this out ... and then Ashley chose to feature this theme here ... so I cheated.  I'll figure it out later (i've been busy, lol)

4. Sunset
So, not my favorite sunset ever, but I took it this past week, and I'm totally into the silhouette pictures.

5. Warm
Warm PJs
What is warmer than flannel Princess PJ's on a fall morning?  Oh, and they are pink!  even better :-)

So ... I have a big announcement coming up super soon ... I hope you come back to check it out!

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Ashley Sisk said...

I was all ready to name a favorite and then you had to go talking about big surprises! In all seriousness, I love your creative interpretations. I laughed when I saw your faces formed in nature because I'm really struggling with it. I thought for sure that by putting it on the list this past week, that I'd get my butt up and do it - but then I coped out as well.