Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Perfection

This past weekend, I came outside to a mess ... a glorious fun mess.  Leah was soaked to her bones and Andrew was chasing her around with the water hose.  Quickly I grabbed my camera, to take pictures ... and also to have an excuse not to get sprayed by water!
Here's a favorite of Andrew spraying water.  The sky was a bit overcast on that day, so I took a moment to warm up the picture.



The picture was taken with my Kodak Z915, and I used to edit.  My recent favorite effect is the tint (faded to ~80%)

Andrew and Water

These are the moments I never want to forget.  The fun that comes from being soaked while watering plants seems to rival fun sought after on expensive vacations.

Leah running

weekend collage

This is perfection is the smallest way.  Spontaneity that I wish I had, but at least I have a camera to capture it all.


What have you noticed about the little things recently?


Anonymous said...

Aww! How fun! Great edit!

Sheri said...

So sweet!!! Nothing like having fun with the kids!

Mommy2Four said...

awwwww...gotta love water fights!

CM said...

Oh that's such a wonderful site...a daddy having fun with his little girl! Great shots too!

AJ said...

Great edit! It looks so much warmer...

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

OH so much fun! Great edit.

Courtney said...

Cool, fun edit! Great job!