Saturday, June 5, 2010


Two Moms made a photo challenge theme this week is WEIRD.  I have the perfect picture for this!

Last weekend in Birmingham we went to a super awesome game place that had an arcade in it.  In the arcade was one of those DDR -- dance dance revolution game things.  Apparently there was some competition going on or something, but there was this huge gaggle of teenagers all around it.  And they were a bit ... unique ... strange ... weird.  One (white) guy had a huge red afro, and another guy had a tail coming out of his pants.  In this picture there is one guy playing the game and the guy with the tail is doing the moves on the floor next to him.

I also earned the title of becoming old because I rolled my eyes and said "Kids these days"


Williamson family said...

Yeah that is weird! I love that the guys isn't even playing but happy to do the moves too!

The Mommy said...

Yeah, noticed that too, it's funny how he is aping moves.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! Not the 'kids these days' line. Say it aint so!