Friday, May 14, 2010

Fix it Friday 5

I love editing!  I love taking a picture and seeing what new and interesting things I can make from it!  And I love Iheartfaces 's Fix it Friday!!!!

Today's photo:

This week's photo was submitted by Christina from 3 Sweet P's. She wrote: "This is a photo of my 2 year-old Parker. I am bothered by the harsh shadow on his face and the washed out colors of the photo. His eyes are a beautiful blue and you just can't see that. I would love to see what you guys can come up with!"

Well are my edits!
I tried the straight on edit, but the light on the side of his face bothers me too!
So I flipped the picture!  Except I'm not sure I like the boost on the colors here...
I love black and white with the pop of color ... one of my favorite edits!
Flipped the picture again, but I think I sharpened this one too much
This is my favorite!  So...maybe you don't have to always have a close-up unique crop to love a picture!
Happy Friday!!!!!


Didee said...

A wonderful collection of edits....the last one is my favorite too!! xo

Mr & Mrs! said...

I like the first edit the best:)

Hannah said...

The last is my favorite as well, although all of them are beautiful!

Annelie said...

Very interesting! Thank´s for sharing!