Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today's theme with the Simplicity photo challenge is "What makes you happy" taken with your cell phone.

I have a freaking awesome cell phone camera!  My husband bought it for my birthday last year because I could never remember to grab the crappy point and shoot we had then.  His reasoning was, you always have your cell phone, and now you have your camera too.  Lol!  I have the Motozine ZN5 which has a 5mp camera on the back ... lens cover and all!

My girls make me happy, especially when they play together!
This shot was taken with my cell phone and edited with Picnik.com


Rana said...

Very Sweet!

The Paper Mama said...

Very sweet! Cute girls!

Tracy said...


Faith said...

So very VERY cute :)

dancingmatilda said...

oh so perfect! i miss those days!