Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HDR edits

The other day Andrew told me he really liked the style of some photographs we were looking at.  Here's one of the pics I totally stole from facebook to share with yall...(shhh, don't tell)
I love the irony of this picture...ok, now go on over to Riker Photography and show him some love!

So, Andrew likes this style...he calls it the artistic fantasy style.  I call it HDR, lol!  Well being the total photography pro I am not, I totally just knew I could imiate this style with Picnik...the free version...with the edit "HDR-ish".  One day I'll have fancy software and such...I just keep telling myself ... it's not the camera (or the editing software) that make the photographer but it does help. are a few of my attempts to use HDR:
I'm not really loving this one now ... I think this edit trick is best used on landscapes or far off photos...

I thought this looked kinda cool in black and white too

I'd love to hear what yall think about these edits ... considering starting a blog hop/challenge with using different editing techniques that are out there, you know, the ones we don't use on our everyday photos...hmmm...what do you think about that too :-)

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Kate said...

I think it came across really nicely on the beach shot. Very cool!