Friday, August 27, 2010


Lately, I've been trying to figure out my 'thing' when it comes to taking pictures.  I guess, kinda like my feeling or what makes my pictures unique.  I want to have those pictures that make people go WOW, those are awesome.  Or pictures that I can blow up onto canvases and put around our house and have people ask me where I bought my pictures from.

I uploaded like 90 random pictures to facebook yesterday ... just because I could.  While showing them to my husband (who knows nothing about photography, but he does know what looks good to him), I said something like ... I like the vivid colors of my pictures.  But the more that I looked at them; the more that it seemed like the vivid colors are just too bright and become harsh.  That's not what you blow up and look at everyday.

I love looking at other people's photos especially for inspiration.  I love the soft edits, the added textures, the pink overlays ... but I don't have any sort of editing software.  and we can't afford any editing software (yet).  So ... I'm stuck.  I feel like my pictures aren't as good as they could be ... but then again, I guess that's what makes us better...always re-evaluating and improving ...

and since I'm focusing on editing ... here's my Iheartfaces Fix it Friday entries ....

Original photo -- downloaded with permission

Edit 1 (vivid colors)

Edit 2 (my attempt at a soft edit)

Edit 3 (black and white b/c it's always fun)


Sheri said...

These are great edits. You know what? I can't afford editing software either so I use GIMP, it does everything Photoshop does. You can find GIMP tutorials or just use photoshop tutorials and change them over the GIMP language (I am working on changing some popular one on my blog).

I'm with you on the whole theme thing. I love the beachy photos with turquoise and yellow, I love the soft focus, I love texture, I just go with what I like with no rhyme or reason. I suppose like everything else in my life I am quite eclectic.

ATALW said...

Love your work!

Jami said...

I think your edits look great. Have you tried It's free?

Bossy Betty said...

Great edits I don't have fancy stuff either, just the program that came on my computer.