Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's my Party Mommy

Last Thursday my Leah turned 3!  Her party was Saturday.  It was a big success!

the Punk Rock mom has a new photo challenge with different themes ...
I'm entering the above picture in the 'a person from...' theme

the long road

We had an Isa's Garden party complete with gardening in the sandbox, making thumb print garden t-shirts and cupcakes with Isa, Dora, and flowers!

Also, tomorrow is Faith (over at Simplicity)'s birthday!  Her photo challenge is for birthdays, perfect for our last weekend!  I'm entering the above picture into her contest!

and hugs and fun times were had by all!

Leah is already planning for her birthday next year!


Faith said...

How sweet :) Love all those hugs pics.
Thanks for linking up!!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Leah! 3 is such a fun year. What a fun party!

Ashley Sisk said...

This looks like such a fun birthday party! Yay!

Sarah Halstead said...

Love the hug pictures. So sweet!

thepunkrockmom said...

Thank you for entering! I love the pic and your daughter is absolutely beautiful! And the party looked fab- I wish it was my birthday party! Especially the cupcakes- yum! :)
Good luck!


MMBB said...

aww how cute are those hugs. We're having a 3rd bday party here tonight!