Friday, April 16, 2010

Fix it Friday

I couldn't find the Fix-it Friday button, but the iheartfaces one works just as well!  Today is my first time joining in with Fix-it Friday.  I don't have lavish software, well or any software for that matter.  I edit with Picnik and I make the best out of what I have!

This is the original picture.  Here is what was requested:
This week's photo was submitted by Debbie from {50centlove}. This is a photo of her beautiful daughter and she was interested in learning a bit more about how to brighten up the image and how to smooth out the skin.
Here is my edit for Debbie:

I edit using Picnik
Cropped toward the face
Increased Exposure +20
Increased Contrast +10
Increased Shadows +1
Softned skin with Blemish Fix
Added border with Vinagrette
Focal Soften

And here are a couple more edits because they said I could include as many as I want, and I love to play with pictures and make them a bit vintage looking:


Preemie Miracle said...

I LOVE them. I love Picnik. I have photoshop but prefer to edit quickly using picnik. If you like the simplicity of picnik you might want to try the new lightroom. I found it pretty easy to use and try.. and for right now it is free

Julie said...

Wow...great job.