Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tell Me about #7

I'm going to link this blog with Britney over at Mommywood since this MEme has to do with pictures and all!  She picks a number, and you find that coorsponding picture, post it and tell they story behind it.  Today's number is 7.  I just opened my photo folder here at work and edited the seventh photo I came to.
This photo is from Oprymills Mall here in Nashville.  It was taken when my parents were up visiting.  We actually just went to the mall to eat lunch before Leah and Audrey were to have their pictures taken at Opryland Hotel.  Leah would not leave the food court before she could ride on the carousel.  That was the first thing she started talking about when we walked into the food court.  Bad mommy me did not want her to ride because we didn't have time and had to rush, rush, hurry, hurry.  But try telling that to a two-year old.  So she got to ride with Grandma and had a wonderful time, and I relaxed and realized I have to let the two-year old play too!

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