Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tip for a Tuesday

Thought I'd take some time to share a tip with all you people out there...somewhere....out there....over the rainbow?  Ok, photofreaks (that's my new word!) do you take pictures nonstop?  Kids, pets, hubby, flowers, friends...they all make great and wonderful features for photos, but do you ever feel like your photos are missing that special touch?  Looking for that super cool photo to show to everyone?  Wanna go around saying "ooo, ooo, look at this picture I took?" 

News Flash!  The flower (or macro) setting on your camera can be used for more than just flowers!

So, Leah (my 2-year old) was playing with play-dough the other day.  And by playing I mean pretty much obsessed with it!  I just had to take a picture of her!  Except...she wasn't looking up at me long enough, she wouldn't smile, the flash made her face look shiny, no flash was all blurry, if I shot from the table all I got was her hands, and pretty much I could not get a good shot.  So, just for fun, I turned on the flower (macro) setting on my camera and focused on her playdough.  This is what I got:

I love how it captures her playing in a completely new and unique way!  Oh, and those two colors totally became a new blue by the end of the night!

So, my challenge to you is to think outside the box this week.  Try a new or different setting and see what you get!  You may be suprised! (and there's always the delete button, lol).  If you do play along, leave me a comment and let me know so I can come visit.  Would yall be interested in making this a McLinky thing?  Like have it open all week?  or maybe suggest a new challenge at the begining of every new week and come back a week later and link up?  hmmm...let me know what you're thinking all you photo freaks out there!


Amy said...

great pictures and tips..

Tabatha said...

love it! :) and i am a photofreak... all my friends expect me to take pics etc

Jeannette said...

I lost my owners manual in one of our 6 moves. Thanks for letting me know that flower is macro! :) Great shot.