Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old School Photos

I think I have stared at the pictures I have for too long I'm just not inspired by anything I've taken recently.  I think I need to take more everyday, but sometimes its just so hard.  So I've decided to go old school.  I've also figured out how to color in b & w, so I have edited some pictures taken when Andrew and I got married.

My bouquet and our glasses at the hotel:

Our Rings (this one turned out really cool when I colored it):
The first dinner Andrew cooked for me as a married couple:
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Wanda said...

Great editing. I too love the rings. Very cool shot.

(I laughed, reading your copyright section. Funny stuff.

Kayce said...

I love the colored napkin in the last shot...and the paper plates with the champagne flutes. :) Fun pictures.

Donna said...

That's so good! I tried to re-color some of the black and white photos I posted today and they didn't work out right. You make it look so easy though!

Beautiful. Seriously.

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Frau said...

Wow love how you played with each shot. Really cool!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love black and white : ) Doesn't it add a nice element to pictures? Very cool! LOVE the rings. Super creative and cool!

Lisa said...

Sometimes I feel the same way...BUT! I love what you did with your "old School" pictures..they are just great! The editing is so much fun.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Great editing!! I love the ring picture to most!!

Colleen said...

Love the unique processing!!!! Awesome!!!!

Lynn said...

Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment. Your ring picture is my favorite!