Friday, September 3, 2010

A Balancing Act

There are some new photo challenges popping up in Bloggyland ... and they want to know about me ... with pictures.  So, I'll share some of my deep thoughts that I usually only bother the followers on my other blog about, lol.

(i went over 3 pictures ... sorry ... sometimes I'm a rule-breaker)

Now that I'm a mom, I have to balance doing stuff that I enjoy with my kids.  I enjoy fantasy football.  It has always been something that my husband and I could do together, starting off when we were dating.  We joined our church league last year, and this year had a live draft.  While everyone else made fun of other people's picks, planned who to take next, and focused on football ... I had to split my focus between football and my two darling girls.

'Christy it's your turn to pick ... you have 2 minutes.'  What!  I don't even know what the last 5 picks were because I was chasing a baby around a non-baby-proofed house.

Everybody else studied their picks ... while I made a bottle for the baby

and then ran around the house trying to make sure my 3 year old wasn't breaking anything while playing with the other kids there (all 7 and older)


and then for the last half hour or so, I gave my cherished camera to Leah so she would stop whining about wanting to go home.  She took this picture ... I love it!  to me ... this is the balancing act that mother's go through ... this is me ... balancing mommyhood and fantasy football

sporting my Tennessee Titans jersey!

I had fun ... you know ... the kind of fun where you want to go home and have a beer to relax from the fun
(yes I shared this before ... but it's from that night and fits, lol)


Tiffany said...

thanks for stopping by and joining. your daughters are beautiful! :-) follow if you havent already!

Natalie said...

Wow i can totally relate to this balancing act! Its crazy sometimes isnt it!? And you're right, that photo does represent a balancing act and gives great perspective to your story! Thanks so much for linking up and hope to see future entries! Happy shooting!

Sarah Halstead said...

Fun photos! Thanks for sharing yourself.