Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Photo Hunt Pictures

It's time to reveal my August 2010 Photo Hunt pictures!  Yay!  First off, I would like to say a big, huge thank you for people who voted for my Sweet Dreams picture in the June Challenge.  I am so honored to say that I won a category!  I told my husband and he said 'that's nice, dear' ... so now I feel better for celebrating with y'all!


1. A flag that represents you 
I found this flag while walking around Mt. Laurel in Alabama.  I think the tear in it adds an extra value than just your run of the mill American flag, and then being able to see the stars through the tear just sealed the deal for me.

2. Something comfortable

Something Comfortable
What is more comfortable than sleeping in your bed?  Seriously ... I wish I was in my bed right now.  This is my oldest Leah (she's 3) sleeping in her bed.

3. Something in season

Something in Season

It's football season!  Down here in the South, we live for football season!  This picture was taken from our local church during the skills training for Upwards football.

4. Feet

I had tons of photos of cute feet, cute kid feet, and such, but I went to take Leah out of her sandbox when I noticed that she had been standing in some sand that spilled over and left some super cute footprints!  I just knew this was perfect for the 'feet' theme.

5. Repetition

Walking is pretty repetitive ... put one foot in front of the other ... oh sorry, didn't mean to break out into song on ya, lol.  I love the contrast between the shoes and pants in this picture.  That's one of the fun things about working at a Medical Center / University ... you get undergraduate students walking next to hospital doctors.

6. Culture or ethnicity

So, I might be pushing it a bit here, but I was really stuck with this theme.  We try to instill a culture of love and hugs with our girls!

7. Contrast

I really liked the contrast of the bright yellow flower versus the darker green foliage.

8. An indulgence

Cupcakes from Leah's birthday party.  Yum, yum, chocolate cupcakes is for sure an indulgence around here, lol!

9. A macro or closeup

This is a hopscotch rug that we keep on the porch for fun playing time!

10. Something masculine

I may be outing a bit of my tomboyish, but I love playing fantasy football ... even if it is normally considered a more masculine activity.

11. Something feminine

What girl doesn't like flowers and necklaces ... oh and terrific natural lighting

12. Light

This is the shadows of a street lamp shot from my parents backyard.

13. Eco-friendly

This is the close-up shot of a solar panel used to light street lamps in a neighborhood near my apartment complex.

14. Business

Another shot from Mt. Laurel.  This is the General Store!  I was so sad it was closed when we were walking around, because it had some of the cutest antique stuff inside.  I took pictures through the window, lol.

15. An arrow

and a third from Mt. Laurel ... it was a fun place to shoot

16. Something wet

Something Wet

Water droplets on a freshly watered flower

17. Something dry

Something Dry
Leah and my husband Andrew.  Leah got a Princess towel for her birthday.  She loved it, especially since it had a crown on it!

18. Butterflies

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds
So I spent the past month with my head literally in the clouds looking for a heart-shaped cloud, but I never found one.  I even took random pictures of clouds just to see if one of them may look like a heart.  This is the best I got ... and you have to use your imagination a bit for it ... see, it looks like the top of a heart, and the bottom is hidden behind the building.  Uh huh ... that's my story and I stinking to it.

20. Strength

This is my youngest Audrey.  At 9 months old, she is showing off her strength and pulling up on everything she sees!

Thank you for looking through my photos!  I have enjoyed taking these this past month, and today starts Day 1 of my 365 Project!


Amy said...

Wow what amazing shots you got.. Have a great day..

Sheri said...

These are just great shots! I'll have to try to participate next time!

Ang said...

completely in love with feminine.. both the photo and what is in the photo! nice work.

Mommy2Four said...

Great shots! I love your Silhouette shot for light!

Reading Allowed said...

I think I said this for the weekly hunt (or if I didn't, I meant to) but I just love, love love that store sign! Beautiful shot!

Faith said...

love the shots! light and butterfly are my favorites...good work!

MMBB said...

Great! My favourite is the light one, and the hugs :)

Amy said...

All great photos! I really can't pick a favorite... I guess #11. I love the combination of the flower and the necklace. So artistic!

And congrats on winning last month! :)

I posted my own photos for this month:

Ashley Sisk said...

You've taken so many great shots - I can hardly choose a favorite but I do like your cloud shot even though I can't exactly pick out a clear heart. It's still beautiful.

Sarah said...

Great photos! I love your shot for feet! Great idea! Also, your light photo is excellent!

katiejulius said...

Great shots! I especially like your "heart-shaped clouds" one, even if it's stretching the "heart" part of it, I love the lighting!

Angela said...

These are all fantastic shots!! I do see the top of a heart in your cloud photo.

Kristi said...

Great job! Butterfly, wet and feminine were my favorites, glad you participated and had fun! Hope you join us again in October