Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's like being in Kindergarten again

Today ... I'm having Show and Tell on my blog!  I'm going to show you and picture; then tell you why I like it, and then maybe also tell you what challenges it is entered into!

Vandy Spirit
Vandy Spirit
People having 'team spirit' for Vanderbilt is kinda like that puppy that is so ugly he's just wanna say "awwww, you're so cute" and pat them on the head.  Lol ... I always pull for Vandy as long as they are not playing Auburn!

Ticket on Bike
I found so many fun photos while walking around campus!  Someone parked their motorbike on the sidewalk, and I don't think the police agreed with their parking place!

Construction Guys
Workers on Campus
I also saw these guys doing some work on campus.  I have no idea if the older guy has teeth, lol!

Now I have some B photos to share:
B is for buzz buzz bee
a bee

B is for beautiful butterfly
(i love the detail in this photo!!!!!)

B is for Brown
Leah and Brooke
I chose this photo as an entry for Paper Mama's Brown challenge ... I'm not the biggest sepia fan, but I think it works here
The Paper Mama

B is for beautiful girl
Leah Splash
Leah splashing into the pool!  This photo is also entered into Simplicity's challenge theme: Water

and finally B is for best friends
My friend Kala (Brooke's mom) took this picture.  It is super special ... Last night was the last time we will see Brooke while we still live in Nashville (we move on Saturday).  I don't think the girls really understand it, but we will miss them ... alot ... *sniff sniff

I won a photo challenge!!!!  My 'fitness' picture won Mama and the Dudes's Photo Challenge.  You should go check out her blog ... her boys are way too cute!  Thanks Mama!
I hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell class today!


Ashley Sisk said...

What a great post - so many wonderful pictures here...and I appreciate your multipurposed blog posting with all the various challenges hidden inside.

Faith said...

too cute!

Sarah said...

Love your butterfly shot, so beautiful! All the photos of the girls are precious!

Barb Phillips said...

Love, love love all you photo you posted today. BTW thank for linking up to the ABC Photo Challenge.

Inger-M said...

So many beautiful pictures. I think the butterfly has amazing detail!

Inger-M said...
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